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Do you want your hiring process target top caliber candidates?

Is just following a hiring process consistently enough?

Is having support from headhunters & agencies a sustainable solution?

Top talents can not be hunted, what you need is, authenticity in your process. Authenticity should reflect your company’s cultural and motivational environment. The resourcing processes that is embedded with motivational and cultural questions generally achieve to hit the target.

Exactly following, brief, sourcing, interview, business assessment, offer steps would not always mean that you could find the top talent. Top talent seeks something else, other than being challenged, being asked tough questions because they all have the experience and the potential that put them in the 1st line of the queue.

Care them as you behave to your loved ones, friends, customers because they will become your company’s loved ones.

From the ‘process’ point of view;

  • You should demonstrate the authenticity at each step of your process. Treating candidates like customers is always the right approach. You will find your strategy when you put the candidate on the customer chair. You need to focus on your process from the first touch to talent, asking them to interview, assessing their abilities, offering them, and induction.
  • Always update your candidates before, during and after each step. This needs time, to be efficient, you should create your own way of process tracking !
  • The hiring process is a two-way street. Not only should you gather information on the candidate’s skills and abilities, but you also should provide information to the candidate about the job and organization. It has to be a win-win situation when you find a qualified candidate and their expectations are aligned appropriately so there are no surprises in the end. Otherwise, you would just hire a talent that will most probably be a regretted turnover soon.

From ‘attraction’ point of view; Are you a talent magnet?

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    Apart from your customer (candidate)-centric hiring process, you should focus on the features of your organisational culture.

  • Starting from your CEO, each one of decision makers should focus on hiring as a core component of the company’s strategic plan.
  • Talents do not normally have performance issues, but adaptation and motivation to a new culture are always crucial and should be carefully focused on.
  • If you miss assessing these criteria, then the talent you fall in love could be just someone that you want to get rid of quickly because it is possible that you will see them as underperformers
  • To avoid this, you should find a way of assessing the flexibility to adapt different cultures. Selecting and asking powerful culture and motivation questions are the key to success.

The tricky part of finding the right talent is hidden in

  • approaching your candidates as your high value customers and,
  • assessing the candidate’s culture and motivation criteria and see if they fit in your company’s culture.

By akalinburak

Career & Life Coach

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